Digital Annual Reports

There’s still a place for a printed annual report – the texture of the stock, emboss, foil, special colours – all of which can bring your message to life an make a strong impression. But of course we live in a digital world – so why not have the best of both. One option is to summarise your annual report using a combination of video, animations and graphic design – a digital annual report. Your digital summary report lives on a microsite and can have all that Google friendliness built in. Suddenly your message is accessible to all – shareholders, suppliers, clients, investors, staff and potential recruits.

This microsite is a good example of responsive and parallax scrolling web design – ideal for a compelling digital summary report.

ustream digital anuual report

Illustration in Annual Reports

The use of illustration in annual reports is often overlooked. It can work to your advantage to help bring subject matter to life – making your report stand out from its peers. Good photography isn’t always available or even appropriate for some subject matters. Our recent annual report for APIL uses stylised illustrations of the executive team. No need to get the busy exec team into a studio along with all those variables of clothes, make up and ease in front of camera. APIL annual report front cover APIL Chief Exec Illustration